The Mahindra Humanities Center is a crossroads for interdisciplinary discussions among Harvard faculty, faculty from other area institutions, graduate students, undergraduates, and the public. It sponsors lectures, panels, readings, conferences, workshops, and seminars on a wide range of topics. It also supports informal occasions for the exchange of ideas and the sharing of scholarly and artistic work. The Mahindra Center seeks to foster collaborations between the humanities, social sciences, and sciences in the belief that the humanities make a unique contribution in establishing -- through interpretation and conversation -- communities of interest and climates of opinion.


Paul Buttenwieser
Rita Hauser
Glenn Lowry
Yo-Yo Ma
Anand Mahindra
Anne Rothenberg


Suzannah Clark
Robin Kelsey (Chair)
Jill Lepore
Deidre Lynch
Ingrid Monson
Martin Puchner
Intisar Rabb
Tommie Shelby
James Simpson
Mariano Siskind
Diana Sorensen
Carol Steiker