Video Now Available | Bathsheba Demuth: Do Whales Judge Us? Interspecies History and Ethics

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

On November 6 Bathsheba Demuth spoke at the Mahindra Humanities Environment Forum.

"For there really is no option of retreat, of pure withdrawal from consuming the world around us. All of us beings that do not photosynthesize... must consume something. We do not make the energy that we need in order to live, we only rework it and we put it into new forms. Which means that what is left for us to do, is figure out not how not to consume, but how to actually consume well.

And one of the many intellectual challenges of the anthropocene to my mind, is figuring out or learning how to articulate an ethics that puts that dependency first and foremost... we depend upon [the world that we need] so intimately that we have to figure out relationships of consumption that are not simply ones of extraction."

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