Visual Representation, Materiality, and Medium is a forum for current research and debate on visual, spatial, and plastic forms of representation for those working in the history of art and architecture, literature, history, philosophy, or cultural studies. Areas of special interest include the imagistic or material negotiation in the visual arts of boundaries separating different media, communities, and cultures; the roles of chance, space, and the body in artistic production and reception; and new concepts of aesthetic experience.

Upcoming Events

Denise Murrell, Columbia University
Talk Title TBA
Monday, March 4, 2019 - 6:00pm
Room 422, Sackler Building


Denise Murrell
Curator, *Posing Modernity* Exhibition
Ford Foundation Postdoctoral Research Scholar
The Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Art Gallery
Columbia University in the City of New York

Paris Spies-Gans, Princeton University
Talk Title TBA
Thursday, April 18, 2019 - 6:00pm
Room 133, Barker Center

Cosponsored with Brandeis University and Wellesley University

Past Events 2018 - 19

Satish Padiyar, The Courtauld Institute of Art
Fragonard’s Secrecy

Past Events 2016 - 17

Ulrich Leben, Waddesdon Manor, Bard Graduate Center
The Tastemakers and Trendsetters: A Closer Look on the Process of Creation in Eighteenth-Century France
David Pullins, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
The Shape of Painting: Eighteenth-Century Departures from the Rectangle
Colin Bailey, Morgan Library and Museum
"Cospetto! Che bella cosa!" Boucher’s Triumph of Venus

Past Events 2015 - 16

Jeffrey Lieber, Harvard University
Flintstone Modernism, or Mid-Century Re-Mixed
Alexander Nagel, New York University
An Archeology of Transfers: the Emergent Superintendency of Painting in the Renaissance
Joshua Chambers-Lesson, Northwestern University
Nina Simone and the Work of Minoritarian Performance
Kristel Smentek, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Imagining China in Eighteenth-Century France

Past Events 2014 - 15

Paul Galvez, Wellesley College
Gustave Courbet and the Poetics of Matter
Linda Nochlin, New York University
Gericault, Goya, and the Representation of Misery after the Industrial Revolution
Anne Lafont, Institut National d'Histoire de l'art
To the Great Black Men, the Grateful Arts? Attuck, Belley, Toussaint, and Others
Etienne Jollet, Sorbonne Paris I
Grounds for Power: Royal Monuments and the Earth in Early Modern France

Past Events 2013 - 14

Rachel Haidu, University of Rochester
Looping, Displacement, Regression: Three Alternatives to Thinking about 'Influence' in Contemporary Art
Ariella Azoulay, Brown University
Transformative Archives
Ruth Phillips, Carleton University
Aesthetic Primitivism Revisited: Ancestor Worship and the Rise of Indigenous and Settler Modernisms

Past Events 2012 - 13

Mignon Nixon, Courtauld Institute of Art
"Sperm Bomb: Art, Feminism, and the American War in Vietnam"

"Exhibition as Medium": A Symposium

"Exhibition as Medium": A Symposium

Tamar Garb, University College London
"'Eyes Wide Shut': Trauma in the Field of Vision"

Past Events 2011 - 12

Jacqueline Lichtenstein, Université Paris–Sorbonne
“Who is Authorized to Talk About Art? The New ‘World of Art’ After 1750”
Henri Zerner, Harvard University
"Ingres' *Virgil Reading the Aeneid to Augustus*: The Work of Art as an Ongoing Process"
Julia Bryan-Wilson, University of California, Berkeley
"Invisible Products: Photography and the University in the 1960s"

Past Events 2010 - 11

Maud Lavin, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
"Aggression Meets *Lipstick Dreams*: Representation, Circulation, Femininities"
Mark Ledbury, Clark Institute
"Capricious History Painting"
Beate Soentgen, Lueneburg University
"Inwardness and Interiority, Emotion and Communication"