Science, Religion, and Culture

Scientific Orthodoxy

Friday, April 11

1:00pm - Welcome and Opening Remarks
Ahmed Ragab

1:30pm - Panel 1
Emily Harrison
Moral Sediments: Global Interactions in the Presence of Infant Mortality in Quito Ecuador, 1942-1967

David Jones
God and Money: Randomized Clinical Trials, Gold Standards, and the Sanctification of Research Methods in American Medicine

Ahmed Ragab
Making History: Identity, Progress, and the Making of Modern Medicine in the Middle East

Sherine Hamdy
(False) Prophesies in Medical Intervention: Breast Cancer Genetics and Organ Donation Contrasted

4:00pm - Coffee

4:30pm - Panel 2
Chair: Connevary Valencius

Peter Alagona
Species Complex: Classification, Conservation, and Environmental Change, or, What Exactly is a Steelhead Trout?

Jennifer Derr
The Nile in His Blood: Claude Barlow's Self-Infection with Bilharzia and the History of an Egyptian Epidemic

Diana Kurkovsky
Orthodoxy's Edge: Cybernetic Idealism in Soviet Regional Planning

7:00pm - Dinner

Saturday, April 12

9:30am - Breakfast

10:00am - Panel 3
Chair: Janet Browne

Stephanie Dick
The Agency of Servers: Humans and Nonhumans in the Pirate Bay Trial

David Kaiser
Zen and the Art of Textbook Publishing

Mary-Jane Rubenstein
Why They Swallowed the Fly: Multiverse Cosmologies at the Limits of Modern Science

12:00pm - Lunch

12:30pm - Panel 4
Chair: Naomi Oreskes

Michael Gordin
In Defense of Cosmic Catastrophism: Orthodoxy on the Scientific Fringe

Sophia Roosth
The Other Intelligent Design: Evolution and Creation Tales in Synthetic Biology

Myrna Perez Sheldon
No Values in Science: Stephen Jay Gould’s NOMA and the Ethical Scientist at the Close of the 20th Century

John Durant
Authorized Beliefs: Contesting the Boundaries of Evolutionary Biology in the 21st Century

3:00pm - Coffee

3:30pm - Final Roundtable
Myrna Perez Sheldon