Rethinking Translation examines theories and approaches to translation, as well as the creative work of translating across languages and aesthetic boundaries. Seminars will also consider translation and retranslation theories, as well as philosophical and aesthetic writings about similarity, contiguity, and freedom as they relate to the activity of translation.

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming seminars.

Past Events 2019 - 20

Adriana Jacobs, University of Oxford
The Catastrophe of Translation
Yasmine Seale, Independent Scholar
Translating the 1001 Nights: An Approach

Past Events 2018 - 19

Kevin Holden, Society of Fellows, Harvard University
Translating Ambiguity: Experimental Poetry in Contemporary France
Max Weiss, Princeton University
Luke Leafgren, Harvard University
Arabic Literary Translation Between Politics and Archive
Rosmarie Waldrop
Reading and Rethinking “A Key into the Language of America”
Thomas Wisniewski, Harvard University
Translation, Rewriting, and the Collision between Theory and Practice
Lawrence Rosenwald, Wellesley College
Translating Multilingual Texts: Anomaly or Norm?

Past Events 2017 - 18

Pavel Drabek, University of Hull
Shakespeare and Translation: A Transnational Culture, Literary Histories, and Theatre Practice
Jonathan Bolton, Harvard University
Justin Quinn, University of West Bohemia
The Well at Morning: Bohuslav Reynek and Twentieth-Century Czech Poetry
Linor Goralik
Found Life: A Conversation with Linor Goralik and Her Translators
Kazim Ali, Oberlin College
Intentional Mistranslation: Locating the Polylingual and Transnational in Anglophone Postcolonial Writing
Kathryn Hellerstein, University of Pennsylvania
Yiddish Chinoiserie: China in Modernist Yiddish Translations
Clare Cavanagh, Translator
Ryszard Krynicki, Poet
Alissa Valles, Translator
The Poet and His Translators: Poland’s Ryszard Krynicki in Conversation with Clare Cavanagh and Alissa Valles

Past Events 2016 - 17

Stephen Owen, Harvard University
Translating Traditions: Chinese Poetry
Rosanna Warren, University of Chicago
Translation as Literary Biography: The Case of Max Jacob
Richard Moran, Harvard University
Virginie Greene, Harvard University
Proust and the Translation of Experience
Polina Barskova, Hampshire College
Catherine Ciepiela, Amherst College
Translating the Disaster Writing: The Siege of Leningrad and its Tongues
Eugene Ostashevsky, New York University
Pirates, Parrots, and the Poetics of Translingualism

Past Events 2015 - 16

Versatorium Translation Workshop, University of Vienna
Celan, Shakespeare, Translation: Seminar and Workshop
John Hamilton, Harvard University
Judith Ryan, Harvard University
Christina Svendsen, University of Pennsylvania
Paul Celan Translates Shakespeare: An Introductory Seminar
Rosmarie Waldrop, Brown University
The Space Between
Versatorium Translation Workshop, University of Vienna
Celan, Shakespeare, Translation: Seminar and Workshop
Versatorium Translation Workshop, University of Vienna
Celan, Shakespeare, Translation: Seminar and Workshop
Richard Beaudoin, Harvard University
Sarah Pelletier, Princeton University
Lois Shapiro, Wellesley College
"Circumference Between": Singing Celan Translating Dickinson
Versatorium Translation Workshop, University of Vienna
Celan, Shakespeare, Translation: Seminar and Workshop

Past Events 2014 - 15

Valzhyna Mort, Cornell University
In the Mood for Language
Peter Waterhouse, University of Vienna
Alphabetical Translating: Rosmarie Waldrop and Charles Bernstein
Peter Sacks, Harvard University
Translation by Other Means: Textual Painting
Daniel Aguirre-Oteiza, Harvard University
Ernesto Livon-Grosman, Boston College
Beyond Identity: Fictions of Translation Through Spanish and Latin American Poetry

Past Events 2013 - 14

Susan Bernofsky, Columbia University
Transforming Kafka's Metamorphosis
Forrest Gander, Brown University
Eeto Um Ehh: Saying No to Translation
Ellen Elias-Bursac, Translator of David Albahari’s Gotz and Meyer
Translating War
Sandra Smith, Robinson College, University of Cambridge
From The Stranger to the Outsider: Translating Camus’ L‘Etranger Anew
Peter Waterhouse
Rosmarie Waldrop
Charles Bernstein
The Versatorium Playbook: How to Do Things with Translation
Jeffrey Yang, editor at New Directions and at NYRB Books, author of The Vanishing Line, translator of Liu Xiaobo's June Fourth Elegies
Against Translation

Past Events 2012 - 13

Ghassan Zaqtan, poet and Fady Joudah, poet and translator
Reading and Discussion
Lawrence Venuti, Temple University
“Translation, Intertextuality, Interpretation”
Christian Wiman, Editor of Poetry magazine
“On Translating Osip Mandelstam”
Stefania Heim, Columbia University
"Translating Poetry"
Richard Beaudoin, Harvard University, and Constantine Finehouse, pianist
“Writing Across Music”

Past Events 2011 - 12

Christian Hawkey, Pratt Institute
“On Translating, Being Translated, and Creating Ventrakl
Susan Howe (poet) and David Grubbs (musician)
“Frolic Architecture”
David Ferry, Wellesley College and Richard Thomas, Harvard University
"Translating Vergil"
Jeffrey Schnapp, Harvard University
“Intermedia Translation Practices and Forms of Contamination”