Focused on the early modern period, this seminar explores a range of topics and issues at the intersections of history, literature, music, philosophy, politics, popular culture, history of science, and visual arts.

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There are no upcoming seminars.

Past Events 2019 - 20

Kathleen Long, Cornell University
Raising the Dead : The Landscape of Violence in Early Modern France
Katharina Piechocki, Harvard University
Book Launch: Cartographic Humanism: The Making of Early Modern Europe

Past Events 2018 - 19

Stefano Tomassini, IUAV, University of Venice, Columbia University
New York FURIOSO. Luca Ronconi e «quelli dell'Orlando» a Bryant Park
Evan MacCarthy, West Virginia University
The Voyage Through Montaigne's Ears
Jeffrey Peters, University of Kentucky
Deleuze chora-graphe: Place and the Baroque
Graham Larkin, Harvard University
The Rule of Caprice: Paradox, Irony, and Recursion in the Art of Jacques Callot
Katharina LaPorta, New York University
Sanam Nader, Amherst College
Faulty Mirrors: Reflections on Mirror-Texts in Early Modern France

Past Events 2017 - 18

Cathy Yandell, Carleton College
Sex, Salvation, Extermination: Contrafacta and the French Wars of Religion

Past Events 2016 - 17

Philip Jacks, George Washington University
Living with Ruins in Renaissance Rome: Episodes in Adaptive Reuse
Camille Serchuk, Southern Connecticut State University
"Well Painted and Illuminated, But Not Very Accurate": Maps and Their Makers in Early Modern France
Phillip John Usher, New York University
Ronsardian Ecologies
Dominique Brancher, Université de Bâle
Talk Title TBA
Dominique Bertrand, Université Blaise-Pascal, Clermont-Ferrand
Montaigne facétieux: Lire Les Essais en éclats
Jodi Cranston, Boston University
Pastoral Bronze Sculpture in Early Modern Venice

Past Events 2015 - 16

Phillip John Usher, New York University
New World Mining in the Humanist Anthropocene
Chet Van Duzer, University of Mississippi
The World for a King: Pierre Desceliers' Map of 1550
Eileen Reeves, Princeton University
Drawing on Galileo: Astronomy, Art, and Appropriation
Desseins du livre en France, 1530-1590: Journée d'Étude des Amis de l'Atelier XVIe Siècle (Paris-Sorbonne)
Christopher Brown, Harvard University
Evan MacCarthy, West Virginia University
Stephen Milner, University of Manchester
Florentine Soundscapes of the Fifteenth Century

Past Events 2014 - 15

Virginia Krause, Brown University
The Dido Effect: Hélisenne de Crenne and the Rise of the French Novel

Past Events 2013 - 14

Jean-Pierre Le Dantec, University of Paris – La-Villette
Urban Design and the Genius of the Site: From André Le Nôtre to Today
Evan Angus MacCarthy, College of Holy Cross
Music and the Aesopic Tradition in Fifteenth-Century Italy
Jeffrey N. Peters, University of Kentucky
La Fontaine and the Chora
Christine Ferlampin-Acher, Université de Rennes 2
Perceforest, un roman arthurien tardif et ses enjeux
Frank Lestringant, University of Paris-4/Sorbonne
Guillaume le Testu et la terre australe
Gina Rivera, Harvard University
On the Past Life of French Baroque Opera Criticism
Mireille Huchon, Trung Tran, and Company, University of Paris-4/Sorbonne
Presentation of L'Atelier de la Renaissance

Past Events 2012 - 13

Cynthia Nazarian, Northwestern University
"The Ethics of Allegory: D'Aubigné's Petrarchism and the Spectacle of Horrors"
Eric Méchoulan, Université de Montréal and Harvard University
"Amicus lector"

Past Events 2011 - 12

Conference: Renaissance and Cinema
Conference: Renaissance and Cinema

Past Events 2010 - 11

Diego Pirillo, Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa
“Renaissance Ethnographers: Ancient Texts and Explorations in an Expanding World”
Yulia Ryzhik, Harvard University
“Shakespeare in Russian films: What Masters Can Teach Us About Hamlet”
“L’œil classique en action. Regards croisés sur la vision au XVIIe siècle/ The Classical Eye: Perspectives on the Gaze in France During the Seventeenth Century”
Sara Miglietti, Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa
“Jean Bodin: :The Birth of Political Science?”
Yves Hersant, E.H.E.S.S. Paris
“Madness and Foolishness in Renaissance Culture”