Elsa Amanatidou, Brown University

Playing with Narratives: Digital Storytelling and Intercultural Interventions in the L2 Classroom


Within the framework of humanistic learning, a digital story is the story a student would like to tell: a short, personal narrative which seeks to encapsulate through sound and vision a learner’s creative and critical engagement with the narratives (literary texts, films, commercials, TV series) they study in class. In the process of creating a digital story, students use language not only as a means of expression but in order to reflect on the practices and perspectives of their cultural group and construct a sense of their histories and personal identities.

Using examples from Greek language and culture classes at Brown University, this presentation will offer an overview of the rationale and practice of using digital story telling as an instructional tool for critical inquiries into “the stories another culture tells about itself” (Berman 1996) and the ways language constructs and is constructed by perspectives of identity, gender and power.

About the Speaker

Elsa Amanatidou (M.A. University of East Anglia, M.A. King’s College London, UK) is a Senior Lecturer in Modern Greek and Director of Modern Greek Studies in the Classics Department at Brown University. Her research interests are Second Language Acquisition and Pedagogy; strategies of curriculum delivery and assessment; educational technologies; critical pedagogies and foreign language literacies. Concurrently to her appointment as Senior Lecturer she served as Director to the Center for Language Studies at Brown University, from 2007-2014. She has served two terms in the MGSA executive board and has been a long standing member of the MGSA’s undergraduate committee.

Elsa is currently serving as Executive Director of the Consortium for Language Teaching and Learning.

Cosponsored by the Advanced Training in Greek Poetry Translation and Performance Workshop