Philosophy, Poetry, and Religion
Grace Nono, New York University

Philippine Shamanism, Sacred Chant, and Cultural Revitalization: Talk and Performance

A talk on Philippine shamanism, and performance of Philippine sacred chant, will be offered by Grace Nono, who was born and raised in the river valley of Agusan, Northeastern Mindanao, Southern Philippines. She is a Philippine music performing artist, author, and cultural worker. As music artist, Grace specializes in the contemporary performance of Philippine oral traditional chants, with special focus on those with sacred themes taught to her by Philippine elders. As author, Grace has published two books (with accompanying recordings): The Shared Voice: Chanted and Spoken Narratives from the Philippines, winner of the 2009 Philippine National Book Award, and the newly published Song of the Babaylan: Living Voices, Medicines, Spiritualities of Philippine Ritualist-Oralist-Healers. As cultural worker, Grace founded the Tao Foundation for Culture and Arts, a Philippine non-government organization engaged in grassroots cultural regeneration initiatives.