France and the World
Olivier Wagner, Bibliothèque Nationale de France
Carrie Landfried, Franklin & Marshall

Nathalie Sarraute: Letters from America

On February 1, 1964, Nathalie Sarraute—a major contemporary writer whose work treats some of the most intimate, interior movements—lands in New York City to begin a tour of America’s most prestigious universities and cultural centers, including Harvard University. In a series of 24 letters written in an elliptical style to her husband, who stayed behind in France, Sarraute recounts her American adventures. In these letters, one finds a woman 63 years young, responding to her triumphant welcome in the intellectual and literary milieu of the New World with both wonder and sarcasm.

Carrie Landfried (Associate Professor of French at Franklin & Marshall College, Lancaster, PA) and Olivier Wagner (archivist, paleographer, and curator at the Manuscripts Department of the French National Library), the co-editors of this annotated correspondence, will speak of the author, of her trip, and of these previously unpublished letters.

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