Interdisciplinary Graduate Student Conference

Made possible by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

"The Future of Food Studies" Graduate Student Conference will be held in Room 110, Barker Center on October 23-25, 2015.

The Mahindra Center will once again welcome all Harvard graduate students to submit a proposal to coordinate an Interdisciplinary Graduate Student Conference in 2016. Details will be announced in August 2016. Funding for the conference will be available up to the amount of $7,500. The conference should take place during the 2016-17 academic year.


  • Proposal submissions should consist of a one- to two-page description, outlining the proposed theme, structure, timeline, keynote speaker (if applicable), and well thought-out budget.
  • Conference topic should be interdisciplinary, and proposal should make the case for its innovative approaches and relevance to a range of fields.
  • Proposal should be a collaborative effort between two or more graduate students.
  • Only one panel should be scheduled at a time to maximize attendance.
  • Since this is an opportunity for graduate students to share and explore their work in a collegial environment, faculty involvement should be minimal. You are welcome to propose faculty as panel moderators or keynote speakers, though be mindful of the budgetary limitations (travel/honorarium/hotel) with the latter.
  • Funds for travel expenses can only be used to reimburse keynote speakers. We are no longer able to reimburse graduate students.
  • In addition to $7,500 from the Mahindra Center, coordinators are encouraged to seek additional funding from their respective departments.
  • Proposals for conferences already in the development stage, but whose organizers are seeking additional funding, will not be considered.

Please send proposals to:

Mahindra Humanities Center at Harvard University
Attn: Sarah Razor
Warren House, Room 108
11 Prescott Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

For more information, inquire at You may download examples of past graduate conference budgets and proposals here.

Submissions for the 2016-17 academic year will be accepted in October 2016

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