Eighteenth-Century Studies is a forum for new research and perspectives on the many cultures of the "long" eighteenth century (1660-1820). The seminar explores eighteenth-century literatures, histories, politics, philosophies, science, art, music, and material cultures from diverse theoretical, methodological, and national standpoints. We seek as well to foster an interdisciplinary community of scholars whose intellectual interests fall anywhere within this vibrant period.

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming seminars.

Past Events 2019 - 20

Past Events 2018 - 19

Emily I. Dolan, Harvard University
Impossible Gluck
Malick Ghachem, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
The Jesuits, the Souls of Slaves, and the Struggle for Haiti, 1720-1725
Tenth Annual New Eyes on the Eighteenth Century Dinner Symposium
Roundtable on Political Corruption in the 18th Century
Paris Spies-Gans, Harvard University
“Only a woman by her clothing”: Becoming a Woman Artist in Revolutionary-era Britain and France
Stephanie De Gooyer, Radcliffe Institute, Willamette University
Naturalization and the Novel

Past Events 2017 - 18

Anna Berman, McGill University
The Family Novel: England to Russia
Susan Wager, University of New Hampshire
Pompadour’s Prints: Visual Translation in the Time of the Encyclopédie
Julia Prewitt Brown, Boston University
Mary Favret, Johns Hopkins University
Sonia Hofkosh, Tufts University
Claudia Johnson, Princeton University
Peter Sabor, McGill University
Jane Austen: 200 Years On
New Eyes on the Eighteenth Century IX: Dinner Symposium
Lisa Freeman, University of Illinois at Chicago
Efficacious Fictions and the Art of the Real
John Brewer, California Institute of Technology
Materiality, Text and Image: What is Enlightened and Romantic Travel Literature?

Past Events 2016 - 17

Helen Deutsch, University of California, Los Angeles
Living at This Hour: Jonathan Swift, Edward Said, and the Profession of Literature
Penny Fielding, University of Edinburgh
“Evidence that Might Assist in a Further Research": Testimony, the Law, and the Supernatural, 1688-1832
New Eyes VIII Dinner Symposium
Christie McDonald, Harvard University
Mapping the Strategies for the 18th Century Section of Femmes, littérature. Une histoire culturelle (in progress): libertés, égalités, dilemmes
Meredith Martin, New York University
Gillian Weiss, Case Western Reserve University
Turks in Chains: Maritime Art and French Propaganda during the Reign of Louis XIV
Hannah Callaway, Harvard University
L’égalité Prescrite Par La Nature: Equality, Family Relations, and a Contested Inheritance at the End of the Old Regime
Ellen Widmer, Wellesley College
The Dream of the Red Chamber (1792) and its Effect on China’s Women Writers

Past Events 2015 - 16

Ruth Perry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Meeting Mary Astell
Jean-Paul Montagnier, Université de Lorraine, France, and McGill University
The Choirbook Tradition in France from the Early 17th Century to the Eve of the Revolution (ca. 1780)
Lynn Festa, Rutgers University
Trompe l'oeil with Dead Bird
New Eyes on the Eighteenth Century Symposium
New Eyes on the 18th Century VII Dinner Symposium
Matthew Garrett, Wesleyan University
Reading Being Read: Gil Blas to Mary Wollstonecraft
Deborah Valenze, Barnard College
A Natural History of Eighteenth-Century British Aesthetics
Janet Todd, University of Aberdeen
The Man of Genius: Janet Todd’s Turn from Scholarship to Historical Fiction

Past Events 2014 - 15

Lawrence Lipking, Northwestern University
Patching the 18th-Century Canon: The Many Lives of the Norton Anthology of English Literature
Drummond Bone, Balliol College, Oxford
Byron and the Margins of Romanticism: The Women of Don Juan's English Cantos
Roundtable Discussion
Austen in the Classroom: Teaching Mansfield Park
Sixth Annual Dinner Symposium: New Eyes on the Eighteenth Century
Srividhya Swaminathan, Long Island University
Print and Personhood in the Early Caribbean Rhetoric of the Runaway
Janet Polasky, University of New Hampshire
Revolutions Between Nations, 1776-1789
Charlotte Guichard, Centre national de la Recherche Scientifique
Artists' Graffiti in Eighteenth-Century Rome
Paula McDowell, New York University
Revisiting the NYPL Berg Collection Dunciad[s]: "Vociferation" in Manuscript, Print, Typescript, and Digital Media
Giora Sternberg, University of Oxford
Manipulating Information in the Ancien Régime: The View from the Provinces
Stephen Osadetz, Harvard University
Sir Charles Grandison and the Trial of Principle

Past Events 2013 - 14

Jill Campbell, Yale University
CLEOPATRA SPEAKS: Alexander Pope and the Fictionality Effect
Amy Freund, Texas Christian University
Dogs, Guns, and Men in Eighteenth-Century France
Deborah Jenson, Duke University
Neuroscience and the Poetics of the Haitian Declaration of Independence
New Eyes on the 18th Century V: Dinner Symposium
Carroll Smith-Rosenberg, University of Michigan
The Promises and Failures of Liberal Universalism: Thomas Branagan and the "Whitening of American Democracy"
Ruth Mack, SUNY-Buffalo
Abstracting the South Seas: Joseph Banks and Early Ethnography

Past Events 2012 - 13

Christina Lupton, University of Warwick
"Contingency and the Eighteenth-Century Page"
Looking Backwards: A Jane Austen Mini-Series In Three Parts
Looking Backwards: A Jane Austen Mini-Series In Three Parts
Looking Backwards: A Jane Austen Mini-Series In Three Parts
New Eyes on the Eighteenth Century III: Dinner Symposium
Michael Gamer, University of Pennsylvania
"Re-collection's Intranquility"
Nancy Kendrick, Wheaton College
"I thank thee Lord that I am Friendless too, Tho that alas be hard to do': Astell and Wollstonecraft on Aristotelian Friendship"
Wendy Wassyng Roworth, University of Rhode Island
"Gossip, Scandal, Romance, and Rumor: Angelica Kauffman in Life and in Love"
Susan Bordo, University of Kentucky

on The Creation of Anne Boleyn

Past Events 2011 - 12

Matthew Gelbart, Fordham University
"Allan Ramsay and the Idea of 'National Music' in Europe"
William Keach, Brown University
"The Ruins of Empire and Cultural Property: Gibbon and Volney"
New Eyes on Research Problems @ the Eighteenth Century: A Dinner Workshop
Dror Wahrman, Indiana University
"The Media Revolution in Early Modern England: An Artist's Perspective"
Ann Shteir, York University
"Refiguring Flora: the 'Botanic Goddess' in Eighteenth-Century Literature and Science"
Vincent Denis
"Police and Enlightenment in Eighteenth-Century Europe: Transnational Perspectives"
Mark Laird, Harvard University
"Mary Delany and the Accomplishments of Gardening Women in Widowhood"

Past Events 2010 - 11

John Wiltshire, LaTrobe University
"Samuel Johnson and Women Writers"
Kristel Smentek, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
"Encountering Asia in Eighteenth-Century France"
New Eyes on the Eighteenth Century II: Graduate Students Present Their Work
Simon Richter, University of Pennsylvania
"Weimar Heteroclassicism: Wilhelm von Humboldt, Caroline von Wolzogen, and the Aesthetics of Gender"
Jan Fergus, Lehigh University
"The Provincial Market for Poetry in the Eighteenth Century: Copyright, Cost, and Circulation"
Norma Clarke, Kingston University, London
"The Adventures of Jack Luckless, or, The Real Story of John Carteret Pilkington"
John Bender, Stanford University
"Rational Choice in Love"