Volkswagen Fellowship Symposia

Demonic Technologies: Walter Benjamin and the Return of Religion in the Study of Technology

Friday, April 27

4:30 pm

4:45 pm
Adelheid Voskuhl, Harvard University
Grasping Machines: Benjamin, Metaphysics, and Religion in the History and Philosophy of Technology during the Second Industrial Revolution, 1890-1940

5:30 pm
Andreas Wolfsteiner, Free University Berlin
“Objectives Strange to Nature“: Elements of Negative Mediality in Benjamin's Thoughts on Technology

Saturday, April 28

9:15 am
Christoph Wulf, Free University Berlin
Hazardous Future

10:00 am
Hent de Vries, Johns Hopkins University
The Miracle of the Dancing Ball: Walter Benjamin, Mechanical Mysticism, and the Apocalyptic Epistemology Of Changing Everything, All At Once

10:45 am
Coffee Break

11:00 am
Howard J. Caygill, Kingston University
Benjamin's Cosmos: Between Schreber and Eddington

11:30 am
Uwe Steiner, Rice University
From Cult to Politics: Benjamin’s “Idea of Life and Afterlife in Works of Art“ Reconsidered

12:15 pm

1:45 pm
Michael W. Jennings, Princeton University
The Will to Apokatastasis: Jewish Esotericism and Christian Patristics in Benjamin's Late Theological Politics
2:30 pm
Howard Eiland, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Technique of Nearness

3:15 pm
Coffee Break

3:30 pm
Tobias Wilke, Columbia University
Aura as Medium: Photographic Spirit(s) in Benjamin

4:15 pm
Markus Rautzenberg, Free University Berlin
Spellbound: Images as Materia Magica

5:00 pm
Concluding Discussion

This symposium is made possible by the generous support of the Volkswagen Foundation.

Seating is limited. Please RSVP to Kyung-Ho Cha,

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