Christian Gütl, Graz University of Technology
Johanna Pirker, Graz University of Technology

Crossing: Virtual Experiences, Games, and Teaching


To provide meaningful learning experiences, it is important to focus on interesting and engaging design aspects. Two forms of engagement are opening the era of innovative and immersive teaching. First, the current advancement of VR technologies and head-mounted displays has accelerated the era of immersive experiences in our lives. Immersive experiences and representa-tions are becoming increasingly important among different fields and open up new possibilities for research and teaching. Second, games and plays are becoming an acknowledged design tool for engagement in non-gaming context. Everyone is surrounded by many visible and invisible playful interactions.

In this talk, we would like to talk about different technologies supporting engagement in differ-ent fields and how immersive and collaborative experience in virtual worlds or playful designs can realize well-balanced and interesting learning experiences.