Arts and Ideas

Criticism and Theory in an Age of Populism: The 40th Anniversary Conference of the School of Criticism and Theory


Welcome | 8:45am

Homi Bhabha
Harvard University

Hent de Vries
Johns Hopkins University

The Authoritarian Personality Revisited: Reading Adorno in the Age of Trump | 9:00am

Peter Gordon
Harvard University

Discussion | 10:00am

Coffee Break | 10:30am

Rage: Rhetorics of Affect and "Anger Banks" | 11:00am

John Brenkman
City University of New York

Populations, Multitudes, and the Limits of Plurality | 11:30am

John Hamilton
Harvard University

Discussion | 12:00pm

Lunch Break | 12:30pm

Literary Studies in the Age of Neuroscience | 1:30pm

Amanda Anderson
Brown University

Bernie Sanders at the Court of Charles V: How Political Theory Trumped Political Theology in 14th-century Paris | 2:00pm

Stephen G. Nichols
Johns Hopkins University

Discussion | 2:30pm

Coffee Break | 3:00pm

What Kind of Thing is Land? A Jewish and Postcolonial Reading of Hannah Arendt’s Most "Greek" Text: The Human Condition | 3:30pm

Bonnie Honig
Brown University

Antonin Scalia and Lancelot Andrewes: Gun Control and the Logic of Textualism | 4:00pm

Stanley Fish
Florida International University

Concluding Thoughts | 4:30pm

Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht
Stanford University

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