This seminar explores architecture from three perspectives: historically, as it interacted with the sciences, humanities, and the arts; practically, as a performative activity that seeks to reconcile epistemological and objective aspects of building; and theoretically, as
a distinctive form of understanding the world.

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming seminars.

Past Events 2014 - 15

Teaching, Writing, History: A Conversation with Neil Levine

Past Events 2013 - 14

Philip Ursprung, ETH Zürich
Out of Architecture: Gordon Matta Clark
Nadja Aksamija, Wesleyan University
Reinventing Sansovino: The Venetian Loggetta as Facsimile
Jean-Pierre Le Dantec, University of Paris – La-Villette
Urban Design and the Genius of the Site: From André Le Nôtre to Today
Nicola Courtright, Amherst College
Spaces for a Queen: Physical and Imagined Architecture in 17th c. France
Mark Jarzombek, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Corridic Modernism
Lucia Allais, Princeton University
From Perimeter to Perimeter: The Spatialization of Monument Protection, 1931-1939

Past Events 2012 - 13

Helen Hills, University of York
“The Excess of Art History and the Matter of Baroque: The Treasury Chapel of San Gennaro in Napels”
Paul Crossley, Courtauld Institute
"The Myth of the Cathedral"

Past Events 2011 - 12

Hashim Sarkis, Aga Khan Professor of Landscape Architecture and Urbanism in Muslim Societies
"A Second Functionalism: Form, Flexibility, and the Architecture of Schools in the United States during the 1950's"
Sarah McPhee, Emory University
"Rome through Falda's Lens: Mapping the City in 1676"
David van der Leer, Guggenheim Museum
“BMW Guggenheim Lab: Into the Streets”

Past Events 2010 - 11

David Friedman, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
"Images in the Archive: Inventorying Architecture in Early Modern Rome"