France and the World

4 Contemporary French and Francophone Thinkers

October 24 | 2:00pm | Room 133, Barker Center

L'amour de la patrie: une notion controversée

Marc Crepon
Director of the Department of Philosophy, École normale supérieure

October 28 | 6:00pm | Room 133, Barker Center

"Performance" and "Performative"

Barbara Cassin
Former Director, Collège International de Philosophie

November 10 | 6:00pm | Room 133, Barker Center

Pourquoi s’en faire: Being a French Writer

Philippe Vasset
Editor-in-Chief of Africa Intelligence and Intelligence Online

November 17 | 6:30pm | Room 133, Barker Center

Strange Fruit: Bananas, Slavery, Military Coup, Sex, and Race

Françoise Vergès
Consulting Professor, Goldsmiths College, University of London
President, Comité pour la Mémoire et l'Histoire de l'esclavage